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Emma Hunter & The Beaverton prepare for SketchFest

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 13:14

Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore speaks to television triple threat Emma Hunter. The comedian appears in CBC’s Air Farce and Mr. D, and is one of the anchors for The Beaverton, The Comedy Network’s satirical news show. She speaks about her varied career ahead of The Beaverton’s live stage production at The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.

Emma Hunter has become a comedy it-girl over the last several years working the standup circuit and starring in numerous television programs. Her character Nisha on CBC’s Mr. D is a fan favorite.

The talented actress grew up an only child in Toronto’s suburb of Etobicoke. Her parents and grandparents were all immigrants from the UK including Scotland, England and Wales. Those voices permeated her childhood and she has made good use of her family’s influence.

Emma is enjoying a moment right now. Alongside her cast status Mr. D, she’s become a regular on the New Year’s Eve Editions of The Air Farce.

Most recently, Emma has made waves as the lead anchor on the Comedy Network’s Satirical Canadian News Program, The Beaverton. The show shares the same news satire values as its US counterpart, The Onion. The decidedly maple infused comedy venture has gone from popular online service to a full television version

On Saturday March 11th, The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival will present The Beaverton on stage at the Randolph Theatre - 736 Bathurst. Anchors Emma Hunter and Miguel Rivas, will be joined by the show’s correspondents Marilla Wex and Laura Cilevitz, for a biting and hilarious night of satire.

Mark Wigmore spoke with Emma Hunter in the JAZZ.FM91 studios.

You can get tickets to The Beaverton Live by clicking here.

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